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GFX System


Large Format Creates Powerful Pictures
— World’s Highest Level of Image Quality in Mirrorless Digital Camera System

Fujifilm has continuously pursued image quality as a leading photographic manufacturer. GFX has a sensor that is approximately 1.7 times the size of the full frame. The combination of the FUJINON GF lenses with Fujifilm’s outstanding imaging technology, the GFX can achieve extremely high resolution and rich tonality which professional photographers expect. The GFX systems offers versatility to a wide audience from commercial to landscape photography. 

Achieving High Image Quality with G Mount

GFX carries a large 43.8mm × 32.9mm sensor. Together with its G Mount lenses, it achieves the look and the feel that only a large format can reproduce. It is also a mirrorless system, meaning the camera and the lens can be smaller and faster. It achieves the ultra-high image quality with the mobility that is comparable to that of a flagship 35mm digital SLR.

Fujifilm’s Color Reproduction

The company's imaging technologies of over 80 years have been passed on to digital cameras and continue to evolve. The "memory color" reproduces the images just as you remember. We will free you from the post-processing. 

High Performance FUJINON Lenses 

The GF lenses are designed to fully unlock performance potential of the GFX Series cameras. Inheriting the optical technologies from the medium and large format film lenses as well as broadcast and cine lenses, the GF lenses provide unrivaled image quality that professionals need